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Premises Liability

California Premises Liability Lawyer Wins Compensation for Injuries

Knowledgeable lawyer represents slip-and-fall victims in Orange County and the Inland Empire

A slip and fall or other accident at a business or residential premises can result in significant injuries requiring substantial medical care and can also lead to loss of earnings. Victims should not have to bear these costs personally when the accident occurred as a result of the property owner’s negligence. The Menicucci Law Group, with offices in the cities of Corona and Orange, represents victims of premises accidents throughout Southern California. Michael Menicucci is known for applying skillful legal strategies designed to bring about fair and adequate compensation for his clients.

Skilled attorney represents individuals injured in a range of accidents

A premises liability case arises from an injury that occurs because of a safety hazard that the property owner knew or should have known of but failed to remediate or warn about. Examples are tripping on a loose floorboard in someone else’s home or slipping on spilled liquid in a store or restaurant. Although slips and falls resulting from improper maintenance are the most common grounds for lawsuits, Mr. Menicucci has experience handling a range of premises liability cases, including those arising from:

  • Inadequate security — A building owner or operator that fails to take proper safety measures can be liable to a victim of assault by an intruder.
  • Dog bites — Owners may be held liable if a pet or other animal on the premises attacks another person, causing injuries.
  • Fires — Property owners have a responsibility to ensure their building is reasonably protected from fires, such as by installing smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. If they fail in that duty and injuries occur as a result, victims may be compensated.
  • Toxic substances — A visitor’s exposure to hazardous materials like asbestos or deadly chemicals on a premises can be cause for liability.

If you have sustained an injury or illness because of any accident or incident on a business or residential property, Mr. Menicucci has the legal knowledge to determine if you have grounds for a premises liability lawsuit.

Strategic law firm helps victims prove negligence

Premises liability lawsuits are based on property owners’ failure to exercise reasonable care to keep the property in a condition that is safe for visitors and others who may be expected to enter. To make a successful claim requires proof of the following elements:

  • The defendant had a duty to inspect and maintain the property.
  • The defendant failed to ensure the safety of the property.
  • The plaintiff suffered harm.
  • The injury was the result of the defendant’s negligence.

Mr. Menicucci draws upon his knowledge and experience to build solid cases, aided by investigators, medical experts and other consultants to establish the defendant’s liability and the extent of the plaintiff’s damages.

Schedule a consultation to discuss your premises liability case in California

The Menicucci Law Group, with offices in the cities of Orange and Corona, delivers vigorous legal representation to injured individuals throughout Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Los Angeles counties. If you have been hurt on someone else’s property, please contact the firm online or call 877-672-8954 or 714-742-6848 to request a consultation.

  • "I consulted Mr. Menicucci after my husband was badly hurt when he fell down a dangerous stairway. The premises owner's insurance company ignored me when all my husband and I were asking them to do was reimburse us for the cost of my hotel room where I had to stay for a few days while my husband was in the hospital. Mr. Menicucci represented my husband in his case against the premises owner who at first denied responsibility forcing us to file a lawsuit. Mr. Menicucci always kept us informed of the developments in the case and gave us sound legal advice. He worked very hard on my husband's behalf and it showed. The same insurance company, which ignored our request for a few hundred dollars, had to pay a substantial six-figure amount." - Carrie.

  • "Mr. Menicucci has represented me in two separate personal injury matters. Whenever I called Mr. Menicucci, he always took as much time as necessary to answer all of my questions and he thoroughly explained the legal process to me every step of the way. If he were not available to take my phone call, he returned the call in a timely manner. I also really appreciated that he copied me on letters he sent to the insurance companies, which allowed me to know what was going on and feel engaged in the process. The way he explained his strategies and what the other side would do or how they would probably react to our positions made it very easy for me to make decisions about my cases. I was very happy with the outcomes in each case and will not hesitate to contact Mr. Menicucci in the future if the need arises. I should add that whenever I have called Mr. Menicucci for legal advice he has always been very transparent about helping me whether I need legal representation or not." - Steve.

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